Deadpool 2 Movie 2018 review

Deadpool 2 Movie 2018 review

Short Summary

This is a sequel to the 2016 Deadpool movie. In this movie Deadpool forms a team to protect a mutant boy from a soldier named Cable who travels from the future to kill the mutant boy.

Starring – Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, Jack Kesy
Director – David Leitch
Genre – Action | Adventure | Comedy
Rating – 8.1/10 (IMDB)
Runtime – 75 mins
Release Date – 18th May 2018
Country: United States of America
Budget: $110 Million (estimated)
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $655.3 Million, 12 June 2017

Long Summary

Deadpool is seen as mercernary in the second part and in one of his assignment does not kill his target who tracks him down and and in gun fight kills his girlfriend Vanessa. Wilson (Deadpool) tracks him down and kills him later but her death depresses him and he decides to kill himself with expolsives, but because of his healing powers his body pieces are alive and is put together by Colossus an X-men superhero.

After Deadpool’s recovers he joins the X-men. In one of the X-men assignment when they try to control an unstable mutant boy, Deadpool comes to know that the boy is abused by the orphanage staff so he kills the staff person. Colossus gets angry of his such behavior and stops him, the boy and Deadpool are then sentenced to prison with collars on their neck which suppresses they super human powers. Here comes the entry of a cyber soldier from the future who wants to kill the mutant boy as the boy in future kills his family and he travels to the past to kill the mutant boy.

Cable (Cyber soldier) tries to kill the mutant boy in the prison, but in the fight Deadpool’s collar breaks and his power returns and he manages to save the mutant boy. During the fight with Cable the mutant boy hears Deadpool say that he does not care about the boy. Deadpool gets a vision from his dead girlfriend to save the mutant boy’s life so the forms a team of people with extraordinary powers to save the boy from Cables hand. Deadpool launces his new X-team from parachute but no one survives expect for him and luck charm girl named Domino. When they both fight with Cable the mutant boy frees Juggernaut and forms a team with him to kill the orphanage headmaster where the mutant boy was abused.

When Dealpool comes to know about the story of Cable he tries to convince Cable that people can be changed and so can the future in that way Cable’s family will be safe, Cable agrees to not kill the mutant boy of he does not makes his first kill by sparing the headmasters life. Cable, Deadpool, Domino & Colossus are now trying to stops the mutant boy from his first kill. Colossus distracts Juggernaut and now Deadpool talks to the mutant boy to stop but he refuses so Cable shoots at the boy, but then Dealpool wears the collar which suppresses him of his powers and jumps in front of the bullet and kills himself, by seeing Deadpool’s sacrifice the boy does not kill the headmaster and it changes the future and Cable’s family remains safe. Cable uses his last time travel and keeps a token in Deadpool’s heart where he was going to take the bullet hit and this prevents Deadpool from dying and the mutant boy’s heart still is seen changing and he spares the headmasters life. In a dramatic ending the headmaster is killed by the taxi driver who is Deadpool’s friend.

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